Thursday, 31 December 2015


Update 26 Oct., 2019 - The energy suppliers increased the tariff at the beginning of last winter and already announced a further increase; despite 50,000 people died of hyperthermia last winter. Conservative Gov stands idle by.

The energy companies making billions of pounds while 40,000 people died of hyperthermia and the Government does not force them to reduce their tariffs. Furthermore the taxpayers pay the Government's expenses. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

UPDATE: 15 January, 2016 

Oil prices are at a 11 year low and had been fallen at the same time the energy suppliers increased every winter their tariff by 10 per cent. Yet PM David Cameron, sly and cunning, puts his head into the sand.

It is a fact that the wholesale gas prices dropped by 50 per cent and the electricity by 30 per cent but not a penny to the consumer despite energy suppliers  are making sky high profits.  Their chief executives are earning one to three billion pounds salaries plus the same in bonuses.

It is a scandal when cash strapped people cannot afford heating. Last year 40,000 people died of hypothermia while the fat cats could not care less.

As for the regulator Ofgem is should be closed down after not only doing anything to stop the 10 per cent increase every last three winters knowing very well of the drop in whole sale prices of 50 per cent gas and 30 per cent electricity.  Add insult upon insult they advised to have sandwiches to save gas and/or electricity.

The people being so desperate, besieged the PM David Cameron but from a letter to the energy supplier which did nothing and he did nothing more. Mr Cameron being rich and earning £165,000 per year does even get his energy bills paid by the hard-up public who have to choose between heating or buying food.  He has not got a clue what life is really like and he does not care to find out.

Mr Cameron has the audacity to deny that such a situation exists even so there are over 1,000 food banks and over one million rely on it.  Even the top leaders of various churches have written to Mr Cameron last year beseeching him to change his austerity scheme to avail. He even denied there is such a situation.

The situation has now become so desperate that there are not only food banks but also fuel banks. People, if they qualify by receiving a letter from doctors or Social workers, they not only get food but also a £48 vouchers for fuel consumption.

But Mr Cameron and his disciples are still riding on their high horses and ignore the desperation.

The energy suppliers made anything between £500million to several billion pound profit and the Government does nothing to cut them down.

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