Friday, 15 January 2016


The Gurkhas had their 200th anniversary in 2015 serving in all the front lines of the British Army

The Gurkhas were always admired by the public for their heroic efforts of always fighting in the front line and loyalties to Britain. In the last decade their loyalty was very badly repaid.  Their army was reduced and in view of being far away from their homeland Nepal unquestioned loyalty it is a crime and disrespect of the British Government.  Their troops are one of the hardest fighters in the British Army and won many battles for Britain. 

The Conservative Government had even extended the insult and humiliation. They decided to use the Gurkhas to train the British soldiers for deployment in Afghanistan. The very fact that this heroic army was assigned to the private Serco must have been a deep humiliation. Serco won a £55million Minister of Defence contract to train troops heading for Afghanistan.

Adding insult to insult 95 Gurkhas soldiers were made redundant.

In the past there were scandalous reports that Gurkhas were not able to receive a British Passport. In other words they were all right to fight and lose their lives for this country but otherwise not to be known. How low can politician sink? Surely even in politics there must some sort of principles somewhere to be found.
Now comes the worst bit which made the Gurkhas of thinking to strike and is against all their characteristics. The ruling came from the firm Serco which has too many scandals by now and should have never received a contract of that kind.  The Gurkhas were to put on a contract of zero-rating. In other words they will be employed if they were needed and then paid according to the hours and if not well they just sit about waiting. 

This is such an insult to such a hard fighting, honourable and loyal regiment. It is unbelievable.

The Gurkhas supporting families back in Nepal which again were denied to join the men in Britain. The undesirable from Europe waltzing in and receive benefits and Home Secretary Theresa May dither to throw them out spending hundreds of thousand of pounds on court cases is incredible especially  in view of the Gurkhas being treated like that. Even hate preachers she and the government spent a fortune on them until they almost willingly went back to their country. It makes you wonder whether that ‘willingly’ was not more a deal than anything else.

Their union GMB stated that firm offered them a contract of zero-hours and no guarantee of or when they will be needed again or how much they will be paid. A typical nice dirty move from this Government to move the Gurkhas out of their responsibility. They know that the public is admire and respecting them and would be up in arms if they would have done this themselves.

The Serco director of frontline defence services Karen Smart said: “Redundancies on this contract were sadly inevitable as the UK’s military commitment in Afghanistan will end in 2014.” We would like to know how much her salary is to put out such a controversial statement.  Furthermore, the army was not built around Afghanistan it is therefore to defend Britain.  It also should never be send into Afghanistan.  Therefore these points she is making or trying to make are absolutely pointless, to put it politely.

A typical slippery statement from the MoD spokesman adds more non-sense: “Serco are there to provide a contract". How they fulfil the contract is up to them.”

Are there nothing but flat-heads in this Government? Do we get the suspicion that MoD was privatised through the back-door?  To a private company which had nothing but scandals in the very recent past. Such as adding data to medical records in the NHS so they met the Government target. This was broad day light fraud and they should have closed down but nothing was done. Oh no it happened they got another contract with the MoD. David Cameron seems to do nothing but creating private companies and handing costly contracts out for shoddy work.  Since he had a £55million available to give to Serco why was it not spend on the equipping the army which seems to be sadly lacking? It would have been far more cost effective.

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