Monday, 18 January 2016


Angry crime protesters have discovered that the police let paedophiles and rapists off with a slap on the wrist.

They found out that 65 sex offenders only received a warning from the Cumbria Police and the police did admit it. It appears it saves an awful lot of paperwork.

Without seeming to be on the site of the police but they got a point because the court is so lenient at the moment that going through all the writing of reports the judge only then gives them a warning.

For years we were told that the prisons were full up over the limit. Now the government closed 16 prisons which supposed bursting at their seams.Those prisons were closed down with the promise to built a super  prison. Will that promised be kept? On the other hand, people are starving because of austerity introduced yet new prisons are being built. What a cock-eyed politics?

Therefore the judges most probably were told to give warning or short sentence only because the prisons are full. It leaves the victims without justice done and the public in danger.

Mr Cameron promised in his election campaign that he will stamp down on crime. Amongst all the other promises which were never kept and no intention of keeping them because he done it for the second time and did not keep them in the first place.
Paedophiles and rapists are one of those crimes which almost incurable. But at the same time the public has to be protected. Although prison only takes them off the street for awhile but it is not a cure.

Crime like paedophiles and rape is one of the worst and has an effect on the victims for the rest of their lives. Therefore it is irresponsible for the police not to take it seriously and do the paperwork to be put into the court.

If prison sentences, in almost all the cases, are not a deterrent a caution is certainly not stopping them to re-offend.  Surely the police must be aware of it.

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