Saturday, 23 January 2016

EU TESTS OVEN GLOVES Update 25 May, 2017

Update 25 May, 2017 --
Is it that sort of corporation "Remainers" want to stay with and pay £19bn membership plus all other sort of further demands from Brussels? Its lunacy; there must be other reasons behind for them keep on fighting to remain.

This must be the biggest joke of the century that EU spends money to tests oven gloves for industrial safety standards and MEPs in Strasbourg voted for it.

There is the biggest refugee crisis on in Europe but the EU chiefs are more concerned about the health and safety standard of household oven gloves.

There is a Global financial Crisis and the stock market plunges every day by tenth or hundreds thousands millions of dollars but it is no concern to the EU but the safety standard of household oven gloves.

Oven gloves were used for decades and surely the housewives are capable to notice that some oven gloves are not protective enough and take them back to the shop. They will be sending them back to the manufacturer and the message is clear.

Wouldn’t we like to know how much these tests by the EU costs?

There was also a suggestion to test washing-up gloves and umbrellas but they were turned down or at least for the moment.


It does not end there when the result is established the oven gloves manufacturers will have an extra level bureaucracy to go through which will add to the price. Besides oven gloves becoming more obsolete since the pots have handles which are not hot  and so have the new roasting dishes.

This latest brain storm make the EU even more ridiculous after to be begin with the fishing quota which forces the fishermen to throw back the dead fish which are over the quota and every one are protesting ever since but the EU know best.

Is there still any one out there to want to stay in the EU after all the capers they introduced and people are stuck with?  The red taps business have and the number of time it hinders a business to go through.  The Human Rights from Strasbourg which overrules any common sense and British justice.

It had been reported that the amount of export going to the EU are going mostly to Rotterdam and from there across the world. It is only five per cent which are for Europe itself.  Therefore, the argument that Britain looses on business is a cover to get people to vote for the EU Membership to continue..

Britain was always a great trading nation and the “Made in Britain” still carries the word of quality. Therefore it is doubtful there is a great loss of business.  It is more likely to loose on businesses with the EU's carry-on which by now is not only a laughing stock but cost a fortune to keep the MEPs very high salaries and sheer luxury who do nothing but waste more money..

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