Thursday, 28 January 2016

PM David Cameron Kids cannot Buy a Home


Every time David Cameron opens his mouth there is more rubbish, to put it politely, coming out than before. He and quite a number of his Tories are degrading and embarrassing Britain

Recently he said in an interview on LBC Radio that he is worried his children can not buy their own home. What a remark to put out?
Coming from an at least £30millionaire leaves everyone stunned to think he expect us to believe it. He rents his second home in the very upper-class area of Notting Hill Gate and only this little income, compared to a string of others,  is estimated £500,000 since 2010.

Has he declared it in his tax form? Or is he exempt altogether?

His wife, Samantha, is working for a firm supplying stationary for the House of Parliament and surely not for £20,000 a year.  The company’s account is offshore.

Now the very worried Prime Minister has put a Housing Bill through Parliament to help his kids and other people.

It offered a mass sale of social houses, just like Thatcher, and end of life tenancies. In other words another cancellation of a Welfare system to house people who cannot afford to buy their own.

At the same time he allows builders to build flats, not houses, for up to £450,000 to buy. It is no big guess that the builders make sure most of the flats will be £450,000. It show how far Mr Cameron is from reality. Who of the public can afford to buy a £450,000?

Mr Cameron told his own MPs to vote against Labour’s plan to help first time buyers.
Chancellor George Osborne has also put a plan into action to give grants to first time buyers but it is already known that only the very few and favourites can benefit from it. Hopefully and maybe Mr Cameron’ kids can NOW.

Mr Cameron has also announced to bulldoze around 100 council estates. Putting the plans of allowing builders to build flats for up to £450,000 and bulldozing council estates together smells of social cleansing.

It started already in Barnet a few months ago when tenants were evicted for no reason at all. Perfectly good semi-detached houses, only built a decade or two ago on taxpayers’ money, were bulldozed and luxury flats or houses were built on it by a private company. The tenants were told to move as far away as Manchester or Birmingham. Never mind about their job losses and adding to high unemployment in the Midlands and North.

Mr Cameron and his politics are becoming more and more dictatorial. The very fact that his MPs are not allowed a free vote is against democracy

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