Wednesday, 3 February 2016

PM David Cameron No Great Deal from EU

EU already announced if Britain wants to leave it can which shows they will not give any substantial concessions which was expected from the beginning.

They also stated that they can undo any deal at any time. How much louder does Mr Cameron need to be told?

Therefore, Mr Cameron can save all his time and our expenses.

EU could not care less and is in decline anyway. Who is Mr Cameron kidding? Only himself..

What kind of a deal is that?

The EU agreed to the UK restriction of benefits for four years for in-work migrant workers but it has now to be agreed by the 27 EU countries.

Further, the deal is on a promise that the loss of benefits will be gradually increased by Tax Credit.

Mr Cameron will now persuade the 27 countries to sign the deal during the 18-19 February summit.

The EU or Mr Cameron could play along to get him his deal and after the referendum tear it up. The best deal is to get out of the EU.

First of all there are too many ifs and buts.

Secondly why should a country begging and pleading at Brussels for changing the rules for migrants while Mr Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne cuts £12 billions Welfare off its citizens without approval from Brussels?

Thirdly this ‘deal, which is not any deal whatsoever, costs the hard-up taxpayers a fortune for Mr Cameron hopping around Europe for a week and has to go for two more days to Strasbourg to the EU summit on 18-19 February 2016.
Even if the 27 countries agree to it it still adds up to the same amount at the end of the four years. Mr Cameron has to promise the loss of benefits for migrant’s workers will be replaced by Tax Credit and Mr Cameron tries to impress the public with a deal like that.  Does he really think people are that stupid?

Besides those points there are still too many rules from Brussels which are nothing but hampering and distructive.  Businesses drowning with red tapes, fishing quotas which make the fishermen throw back dead fish by the hundred weights back into the sea because they are over the quota. Other fishing vessels happily drawling in UK’s water fishing while the UK’s boats are stopped.

Human Rights Court in Strasbourg is ruling British Law.
UK’s borders are open without restriction and it will only take time for a Paris or Germany disaster to happen. EU will not close its borders despite headlines showing over one million migrants; a tear despite of records showing a majority are from Morocco, Algiers but war torn countries like Syria.

The gravy train in Brussels costs not only hard-up but starving people in the UK at least £19billion a year while the MEPs use limousine taxis travelling from town to town.

If you think about the blown up government of 650 MPs, 820 Peers, Councils and now newly introduced Mayors of every town plus with each a staff; then comes on top of it the over 1,000 Euro MPs plus a huge staff and all off taxpayers’ hard earned money not the big corporations paid taxes, which they don’t.

All what the people get is now another £12billion Welfare cut on top of austerity and £16billion for councils to cut services.

Why is David Cameron so determined and bent-over-backwards to stay in the EU? It must be some gain for him because he also will not give his MPs a free vote in the referendum which could swing it to a no Brexit since they have the majority at the moment. The same happened at the vote for air strikes in Syria It might have been a different picture.

Mr Cameron is the most calculating person when it comes to get his will.

He did not approach the EU to help to rescue the British Steel industry or nationalise it like France, Italy and Germany which also restricted the Chinese import of cheap steel..

As the Daily Express stated “The only good thing came out of it is a referendum” Hopefully the people of Britain use it well. Even The Sun’s headlines are “Who do you kidding Mr Cameron”. A paper making out they are for the working class but supporting the Tories. The only paper was the Financial Times which praises Mr Cameron’s deal. For being the Financial Times it is a shocking statement.

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