Saturday, 6 February 2016


Update 20 Oct., 2017

But May will not re-instate it, will she? She offered generously a £9,000 loan which means with interests repayments while the Government gets that money with no interest from the Bank of England.

Mr Osborne has his knife out again and plans to cut grants for students training to be doctors or dentists. It will, again, only hit the poorer students who rely on grants to achieve their dreams.

In November he cut funding for nurses in his budget.

Paul Blaylock, chairman of the British Dental Association student committee stated:”If funding is cut for student dentists, the government will shut talented young people out of the dental profession.

“”These bursaries represent a lifeline for some student.”

Already a typical dental graduate could expect to find themselves with over £60,000 of debt.

Mr Osborne also plans to change nurse bursaries in the coming week and replaces them with loans. Would that not involve interest charges so the banks or Treachery will have another income? It is all right for him to swing the axe on lesser unfortunate people who try to better themselves.

He comes from a very rich family plus landed a Chancellor Job without having to struggle for it for years in a study and at the end he inherits his father’s title and estate again without struggle and having to train for it for years with financial hardship.

It is known that he and his friends were members of Bullingdon Club and when it suits them they smashed it up because daddy will pay for it. Any lesser fortunate student would have over the moon to be at Oxford and studied hard.

As the saying goes: “You can take the boys out of the Bullingdon Club but you cannot take the Bullingdon Club out of the boys.”

This Tory Government is trying hard to keep the plebs down in a working class and then cutting every penny they earn. Where is that big talk of Mr Cameron to care for hard-working people and the government is there to help them to better themselves?

It is assumed that after having dealt with cutting nurses bursaries he will then concentrate on cutting funding for medical students

Medical student’s tuitions are paid from year five by the NHS Student Bursary Scheme. Before that the student has to go through a means-tested grant for maintenance costs.
At the moment the Department of Health denied the cut of student bursary but time will tell.

A spokesman defended the plans to cut student nurse funding and save £826million a year. “Two-third of people applying to be nurses will not be accepted. Only 10,000 training places will be provided.”

It is also a fact that the NHS is short of nurses and doctors. The situation will not improve if there are less doctors and nurses trained but it will not affect the Tory Government because they have their private doctors and all paid by the taxpayers.

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