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Update 15 Oct., 2016 -- EU now imposed a 75 per cent tax on Chinese Steel.  Aren't the Tories great politicians? Wonder what they got out of it to agree to Hinkley to built and MG Rover to be moved to China while British Steel closes ?

Update 29 Sept, 2016 -- The new PM Theresa May made no change to Cameron's policies. She visited China to assured them that the Hinkley Nuclear Plant will be built by China using their steel - 80,000 tons - which could have saved British Steel.

UPDATE  Thanks to the great politics of Mr Cameron and his Tory Party the Tata company which runs the UK steel industry planning to cut further 1,000 steel workers in North England  and 750 steel workers in Talbot. At this moment the Indian steel manufacturer Tata holding a meeting in Mumbai, India and deciding over the future of British Steel  Workers.

It is unbelievable that the Tories prevented the EU to drastically increase  the import tariffs on Chinese Steel.

It is obvious that the Prime Minister David Cameron is not looking after his people and prevents job losses.  If that is his attitude than he should resign or made to because its his job. Times are too desperately hard for the people in the North, Midlands and Wales for having to accept it.

In the last 6 months over 6,000 steel workers lost their jobs. For the older workers who gave a life long dedication to a very dangerous job which will be impossible to find work again.

Fellow Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop added: “It is utterly despicable for Cameron to say that in any way shape or form that he is supporting the steel industry if his government actually blocked attempts at a Europe level to place tariffs at a far higher rate on steel dumping nations like China.

“According to calculation the tariff should be more like 66 per cent not 9 percent. The EU committee wants to change things so we can up the potential tariff from 9 percent to something higher, and the UK government is most definitely ringleader amongst EU nations opposed this.”

When Mr Cameron was quizzed at PMQ by Labour MP Nic Dakin the PM replied: “We have repeatedly stood up for UK steel, including support taking anti-dump measures in the EU. But that’s not enough.”

The PM had done nothing and not even asked the EU for financial support because his refund would have been reduced. On the contrary he invited China’ president, signed a contract to built two nuclear power-stations which nobody wanted and most probably with China steel. To insult the steel workers even further he called it “Begin of a Golden Era.”

Mr Cameron goes on: “We also need to get behind reducing energy bills for steel and that’s what we’re doing. We need to support communities like his own that have seen jobs loss and that's what we are doing.”

That should have been done years ago when the big energy suppliers increased their rates drastically. He was foxing around again the main issue to answer the question. If he was serious about a support of the British Steel industry he would have supported the EU to increase it up to 66 per cent.

At first when the cracks appeared he did not lift a finger while Italy, France and Germany nationalised their steel industry to save guard it.

USA increased their steel import to 66 per cent while David Cameron gives another empty answer to the important question.

Now the last part of Mr Cameron’s answer: “We recognize what a vital part Britain’s industrial base the steel industry is and that’s why we’re backing it.”  ??????

Mr Cameron please speak the truth; you are backing the Chinese steel industry and give a dam about the steel workers losing their jobs. As you stated it is the beginning of a Golden Era but not for the British steel industry and not for the workers.

It is history repeating itself; like the coal and shipbuilding industry your great friend Thatcher destroyed it so do you now destroy the steel industry.

It seems the Tory party has no limit in what they are doing to Britain.

These men have been for two or three generation working hard, dedicated, proud of their job and loyal and Mr Cameron never lifted a finger to save their job.  Some of them were working for 20 or 30 years and now they just get kicked out by their own Prime Minister who could not care less.

Just like the miners which had the worst and most dangerous jobs. They even put up a horrendous fight to keep their job because they knew what it means for their families.

But Margaret Thatcher used all her dirty tricks to break them. She used the Police Officers even from other counties which is against the Law.

Coal is and was also imported from China because it is cheaper.

That is the truth but not in Tory’s Head Quarters

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