Thursday, 11 February 2016


Update 26 Oct., 2019 - Boris Johnson elected by his MPs and a PM since July 2019. exPM T May had to resign. Johnson created more disastrous decisions re Brexit and by now it is completely grinded to a standstill. He demanded a General Election but Labour refused unless he takes the disastrous no-deal-Brexit off which he refuses. 

Update 12 Jan., 2017  --
David Cameron resigned and Theresa May, Home Secr., is now Prime Minister. Although she was there only six months but nevertheless she could and should have done something drastic about the NHS. The NHS is now at such a stage that the Red Cross had to get involved.

When confronted at Parliament she denied it like  Cameron denied the starvation and homelessness he created with austerity and Welfare cuts.

Therefore PM May is none the better.

Mr Cameron has a long string of betraying Britain and his people by giving constantly jobs away to overseas bidder.

It is not only the British Steel industry which he callously betrayed by not nationalise it or support it financially to secure the jobs or now agreeing to an import tariff increase which even the EU suggested.  He opposed it. The result was a 6,000 jobs loss in the last 6 months

TATA India's Steel Giant decided now to sell the UK steel branch because it make £2million loss a day.  Mr Cameron still refuses to nationalise British Steel and let cold bloodedly 40,000 steel workers lose their jobs. Even if TATA finds a buyer they still will reduce work force to cut losses and increase profit. It also has an impact on the local economy.

In 2011 Germany Siemens won the £1.6billion contract to manufacture the train carriages for the Thameslink route. England’s last train manufacturer Bombardier fought hard for it to survive but was beaten due to Mr Cameron’s Conservatives. There were great protests across the country to support Bombardier but to no avail.

In 2012 the Royal Navy gave a £452million contract to South Korean company Daewoo to built four new fuel tankers. The  37,000-tonne Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability vessels make it possible for the Royal Navy to refuel at sea. Ministry of Defence white-washed it that although UK companies took part in the tender for the work but did not make a final bid.  Daewoo must have given such a low tender that the UK companies knew they could not undercut it.

The problems with tenders are they can give a very low cost figure and in 99.9 per cent the real costs are double or treble as the work progress. It does not seem to register with the government that the costs could not be real and to give the work to UK companies instead of foreign companies which costs will rise to the same anyway.
There was a great protest in 2013 when it was discovered that Army uniforms were produced in Britain worth £5million but the main bulk of £75million were produced in India, China and Eastern Europe.

A further scandal was discovered by Labour peer and retired Royal Navy Admiral Lord West. The Prime Minister announced a £3.5billion order for 589 Scout Specialist Vehicles in 2014 at the high profile NATO summit at Celtic Manor, near Newport, South Wales.  He promised at the time it will secure 1.500 jobs across the UK.

When it came to it it was a different story. David Cameron gave 40 per cent to overseas firms.  General Dynamics UK beat its rival UK firm BAE systems.  General Dynamics registered in the UK but it International Dynamics firm is based in Virginia, USA.  Lord West also feared that the production of Scout Specialist Vehicles could be open to terrorism and sabotage.

The first vehicles are expected to be delivered in 2017.

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