Wednesday, 24 February 2016


UPDATE: 19 March, 2016

A report from the Government warns people that it would costs £6,400 for every family to exit the EU. Another scaremongering?

In my opinion it would be one payment  only while the EU membership payments would continue at £19billion a year plus the continuous demands of other extra payment from Brussels.

The latest is a demand for £500million to Turkey to compensate for the refugee crisis there. Altogether Turkey will receive £4,2billion divided amongst EU members

Why is Brussels not closing its border like Australia and USA? Is it another money spinner for Brussels?

A letter was sent to all UK chief executives urging them to sign it to remain in the EU. It was written by 10 Downing Street pointing out it will risks job loses, trade and safety for Britain.

Corporation like BT, Marks and Spencer, Vodafone, Heathrow airport, BAE, Easyjet and BP signed amongst 36 out of the 100 registered in FTSE.

Other bosses are of the opinion it is not their place to tell the public how to vote Ladbroke, Persimmons, Intercontinental Hotels, Barclays and Provident Financial.

Regarding the scaremongering of losing the EU Market it has to be pointed out that Britain is a long standing World Trader and therefore it is doubtful it will be a great trade collapse as forecast.

Richard Tice, co-founder of LEAVE-EU said:” Downing Street has admitted using taxpayers’ money (how else) and ‘applying pressure’ on FTSE chairmen and chief executives to sign the letter.”

The letter stated: “PM had secured a commitment from the EU to reduce the burden or regulation, deepen the single market and to sign-off crucial intern trade deals.”

The signatories added: “Business needs unrestricted access to the Europe market of 500 million people in order to continue to grow, invest and create jobs. Britain will be strong, safer and better off remaining a member of the EU.”

The arguments against these statements are – Have not seen any of it so far on the contrary the job losses are by the thousands although the Government white-washing the number by Zero-hours contracts and various other methods. The people still remain unemployed.

Where was the EU when the British Steel industry collapsed? Reportedly Mr Cameron could have got a grant from the EU (or did he get one) but went to China instead and signed a contract for two Nuclear Power Stations.

Germany, France and Italy stopped cheap import of Chinese Steel to safe their steel industries and got a grant from the EU.

Regarding being safer – Britain got involved in an unprecedented migration crisis because of the EU open border policies and even now the EU will not close their border around Europe

European Court of Human Rights running British Law in the UK

The endless red-tapes almost suffocate UK businesses; regulation ruined fishing industry because of their quotas from Brussels. If it is over the quota the fishermen have to throw overboard dead fish. Does that make sense?

UK fisher boats stay in the harbour because having fished their quota while French, Dutch, Danish and Iceland fishing in UK’s waters Does that make sense?

Britain was always a big free trade nation but now the EU rules over it. Over the decades Brussels was introducing one regulation after another and by now runs the trade, law and immigration.

No doubt in the background is the USA which wants a United Europe and eventually to dominate it. Mr Obama is not visiting the UK for nothing and it has already been announced to persuade the public to vote “yes” for EU membership to be continued.

The EU Membership costs the British public £350million a week.  The NHS would be well financed. People would have jobs if invested in factories and it would stop homelessness plus reduce the cost of Welfare.

Mr Cameron is running around to receive a convincing new agreement with the EU and convince the public to vote to stay in the EU.

Brussels already announced that any agreement can be ripped-up at any times.  In other words if the public voted to stay in the EU the agreement can or would be torn-up. 

There is also the EU promise for more regulation will be issued, plans for a closer union, and the Government will have no power over its borders or Law.

Why is Mr Cameron kidding himself and the public?

The other point which Mr Cameron is using the Pound dropping in value against the dollar. The facts are the FTSE 100 is dropping drastically every day since his election and virtually no sign of his election promise of a better economy.  Another broken promise.

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