Friday, 22 January 2016


According to their statement the unemployment had been falling to an all time low of eight years. It would be great if it were the truth.

The other figures are over 1.8million people are on Zero-Hours contracts which conveniently takes it off the unemployment list 
Further over 1.4million people are in part time employment.

Over 1.4million people are on Job Seeking Allowances which will not show as unemployed.

These are just the major groups of people who would otherwise add to the unemployment list.

As Mr Cameron said at PMQ: “Since I have become Prime Minister, 2.3 million more people are in work.” It proves were the 2.3 million people are.

It is an old trick of Margaret Thatcher who also kept boasting of the unemployment falling and at the end of her reign the country was almost at a standstill, which was never seen before, and had almost five million unemployed.

One thing we have to give Tony Blair credit for was that he pulled up the country in no time. Parks were maintained again, streets were swept and council flats and houses were overhauled, old schools were pulled down and rebuilt.  It was a shame that he got involved with Bush and involved in Afghan and Iraq wars.

Why does the public always get these fabricated statements from the Tories? Today, the public is far more informed through the Internet and also intelligent enough to look behind their statements.

Here we got a typical announcement from David Kern, chief economist at the British Chambers of Commerce who said: “The UK’s vibrant and dynamic labour market remains a source of strength of our economy at a time of major uncertainty.

“However, there are some problems to overcome while youth unemployment  is now lower than it was before the 2008 downturn it is still much higher than the national average.”

Does anyone buy that? Especially up North where there is mass unemployment. There are over one million families across the country living on food banks otherwise they would die of hunger. They also have to choose between buying the little food they can afford or heating the house.

Who are Mr Cameron and David Klein kidding?

Hopefully at the local council election in May 2016 everybody will vote them out. Hopefully it will not turn out again, in my opinion, another doubtful victory for the Tories.

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