Wednesday, 15 June 2016


When it emerged that the Orlando killer was working for G4S their shares dropped to the lowest since 2009. G4S is one of David Camron's biggest contractors.

Mateen pledged alliance to the Islamic State before he went to the Pulse gay Club in Orlando and killed 50 people. He had work for G4S since 2007.

Mateen was questioned twice by G4S and cleared but the company admitted they knew he was also questioned by the FBI in 2013 for possible terror links.

The revelation deals several doubts about security and checks on employees by G4S. The company was already in the headlines regarding their contract of tagging prisoners when released on probation. It had been found that the company charged for tagging prisoners who died or lived abroad or still in prison. In other words Fraud.

G4S also won the contract to guard the Olympics 2012. Already at that time the Olympics were regarded under a high potential threat from terrorism. G4S should have made double sure it was safe but 10 days  before the Opening Ceremony it was found out that G4S did not have nearly enough security guards to prevent an attack. Furthermore, a
whistle blower pointed out the slapdash of their checking out the applicants.

PM David Cameron ignored it all which should be his embarrassment with his contractor and deployed the army, some came back from Afghanistan and their leave was cancelled, and the police. Both done a fantastic stop but just a few months before Mr Cameron axed Armed Forces and police by the thousands. It shows his attitude towards the Armed Forces and Police.

G4S despite of big slip-ups which should have never happened to a security firm kept their contracts with the Government.

The very fact that the FBI questioned Omar
Mateen showed a risk in security even though FBI did not find enough evidence. In 2013 Mateen had an argument with a co-worker about terrorist related comments and also was alleged of links to a suicide bomber in Syria.

It should have been enough for G4S to have their doubts about Mateen
to work as a security for the firm.

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