Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Tory MP Nick Boles is a close friend of David Cameron and aught to be deeply ashamed of himself. Does ‘Shame’ exist in the Conservative party dictionary?  Definitely not.

In a speech held at the Resolution Foundation in London Mr Boles demanded to cut all benefits of Old Age Pensioners. Another one of the Conservative Party who show its real face and forgotten that especially this generation of OAP saved this country from invasion of Hitler and his Nazis. Their men fought bitterly with everything they got and even had not the Nazi Army. At home their families scrimped and scraped under most difficult circumstances. Now these glory boys swimming in tenths of million and haven’t got any idea what life is about want to cut the few privileges this generation receives.

Mr Boles suggested cutting the free bus passes which is only used during day time in other words when the seats are empty any way.

He wants to cut winter fuel payment which the Labour Party introduced to prevent OAP dying of hypothermia. If this is taken away those old people will die again as it happen before. Does Mr Boles have any conscience and his friend Mr Cameron including the Conservative Party?

Furthermore, he wants to stop free TV licence. The TV licence came into force because the BBC did not run any adverts but in the meantime they do have adverts and therefore the TV licence fees should be abolished. ITV does not charge any TV licence fees because they had adverts from a start.  So why the BBC is still allowed to carry on with the TV licence fees? Mr Cameron and his friends do not think and talk about this.

Mr Boles also demand to cut the free eye tests. Since the OAP are hard up as it is they cannot pay for eye tests and therefore bad eye sight will endanger their lives.

The whole plan and idea of Mr Boles is an absolute disgrace.

The Conservative Party, as always when they are elected, shows now their true face. Surely there isn’t one pledge from their election manifesto kept.

The moment they came into power there were cuts in Army, RAF, Navy, Nursing staff and lately 6,000 policemen in a crime ridden country already.

The NHS was already understaffed and they cut further nursing post. It is now so bad that doctors and nurses were forced to strike which didn't happen for 40 years and it proves that they don't have any other alternatives. 

Just as long as their books look right in 10 Downing Street.

Army, RAF and Navy again were already undermanned and lacked of equipments yet they had to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan and were sent into Libya. When they came back they came back they were sacked. Any of these countries had nothing to do with Britain and it caused nothing but hatred and terrorism against Britain while the ‘leaders’ of the government sat back in their cushy armchairs.

The most incredible point of it all is that with all these cuts they had a double-dip recession. But instead of sitting down and looking at the result and realizing it doesn’t work they still plough on.

Mr Boles also demands a £10billion general benefit cuts which again hits the worst off people..  
This is really spiteful but it was the Conservative party previously when they closed all the coal mines, shipyards and privatised every government run industry. The result five million unemployed and all these privatised industries don’t work because their shareholders want the most profit.

How could anyone belief the Conservative Party have changed?

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