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UPDATED: 1 June, 2016 --
Vote for the IN/OUT of EU is on 23 June, 2016 and already scandals appear that non-British people have received voting cards. Is it a slip-up or not. Can we have one guess?

UPDATED: 22 May, 2015 -- Well, the voters fell for it again and hopefully for all our sake Cameron will deliver this time. Time will tell.

UPDATE: 16 February, 2015 - - There are definitely great changes on the way. PM David Cameron promised now to bring the referendum forward to 2016, Ian Duncan Smith, head of the Department of work and Pensions, found all the right keys on his I.T. to set up the promised Universal Credit and is able to pay the people their due money in only a few months' time. Banks and Corporations start paying their taxes and the Treasury already received hundreds of thousands of pounds. Will the voters fall for this again? Hopefully not. Remember 2010!

UPDATE: 22 December 2014 -- The referendum on IN/OUT of the EU being amended and the Labour Party demands more amendments. Details are not given to the public. The major issue is, in the public eye, that David Cameron promised in his election manifesto in 2010 he would give the people of Britain a referendum if he won the election. It could have been a major point for people putting their mark in the wrong box. As you can see his promises were never met. 

Now it is 2017 by which he is hoping to be elected again. Would the public fall for another promise which might or most probably might not be kept again?  In General the public had the worst austerity and nothing but false promises. It might change now because the election is coming closer.

UPDATE:  22 June 2013 --  David Cameron put now an IN/OUT referendum to the vote of House of Commons MPs. The many stages are called reading and the first reading of IN/OUT was almost unanimously voted for OUT. The second reading for 2017 was turn down by the majority. Everybody demands it now and had been demanding it for long time. David Cameron dragged it out and now it is too late for passing it through the various stages to be effective before the general election in 2015. It was nothing but a election stunt and Cameron thought he could get away with it.Now he will sign another treaty for seven years throwing tens of billions of pounds to an EU which nothing but squanders money by the millions and billions. Well done Mr Cameron.

UPDATE:  4 April 2013 -- Does David Cameron really still believes he can retrieve the power from Brussels or is he only trying to blind the public to stretch the time till he can sign for another seven years? The public is up in arms and wants out because of the money wasted in 

At long last David Cameron announced his true intention of not having an in/out referendum on EU. It was revealed during the PRIME MINISTER QUESTION TIME.

The House of Commons has a rule of having a Prime Minister Question time in Parliament where he has a duty to be accountable to the British People when he is questioned by MPs. The Speaker of Commons points at the MP who had raised his/her hand and is then allowed to put his/her question forward.  Prime Ministers can be evasive but still have to answer the question.

Mr Cameron did not comply with this rule when asked by the Labour MP Chris Bryant about the links between Downing Street and Mr Murdoch. Mr Cameron’s answer was that until he receives an apology for accusation he will not answer the question. This was against the rules of the Parliament but Mr Cameron, not so surprisingly, got away with it because the Speaker John Bercow did not call David Cameron out of order and made him answer the question. 
It was totally out of order because the very name Prime Minister Question Time says it all and is part of democracy.

Then Labour MP Natasha Engel put the question to Mr Cameron that Education Secretary Michael Gove stated if there would be a referendum on in/out of EU, he would vote to leave.  She asked the Prime Minister how he would vote.

This time Mr Cameron answer was that he does not want an in/out referendum because he is not happy to leave the EU. At long last Mr Cameron speaks his true intention as before he was hedging all the time.  No wonder the press calls him ‘Dodgy Dave’.  A Prime Minister is there to state openly his intention and inform the public. And not dodging and diving, thinking the public does not see it.

He has done the same with signing papers granting Scotland the right for an in/out referendum of the United Kingdom. Soon after that he stated that he does not want Scotland to leave which is completely contradictory.  Deep down he does want Scotland to leave because there is the majority of Labour voters which would or could dip the scale in the next general election.

Regarding the EU Mr Cameron stated further that he thinks the majority of the public wants a new settlement with the EU. The new settlement will be in a referendum put to the people to vote on. It will also be put into his next manifesto. Mr Cameron safe yourself for both, the time and paper. As he so arrogantly put it that the ‘majority’of people will not vote on either of it.

Mr Cameron also enlightened the public that he intends to put it into his manifesto which is  a pledge to seek  to negotiate the repatriation of significant powers from Brussels. This will be followed by a new referendum to choose between the “new deal” and the status quo. However, there will be no mentioning of in/out of the EU on the pallet papers.

Doubtfully these pledges and promises would stop the Tories’ MPs migrating to the UKip who are determined about the in/out vote.  Mr Cameron still thinks that he can smokescreen with fine words and pledges. The public never seen one pledge fulfilled from the last election manifesto. Also the words to pledge to seek negotiation to repatriate powers from Brussels are to thin to be believed.  Mr Cameron seems to be turning more and more into a man who convinces himself during his speeches and feels full of pride about having delivered a great speech but as they say "action speaks louder than words".

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