Tuesday, 23 October 2012


After the disastrous ruling of the fishery industry where fisherman have to throw almost a third of dead fish overboard because it is over their quota and growing fruit all the same size which needs more chemical spray on it to achieve it plus to grow bananas straight it leaves us wonder about sense of the EU. Now we hear they are working on a new plan whereby jobless people get send to Britain with an incentive of a £1,000. They also could get travel expenses. They also would be paid £250 to help them to be interviewed and £830 for re-location cost.

Is that what Britain gets for its £19billion membership? plus all sorts of other payments.

Surely, it is on the top all their previous brainless rulings and decision. From a start Britain has 2.5million unemployed and amongst them over a one million youngsters who don’t seem to have a chance.  Brussels explanation for this hare brain scheme is that the tax-payers-funded scheme would give thousands of youngsters to move to Britain to seek employment and British youngster could use the scheme to move to the EU to work.

WHERE  IS  THE  SENSE  IN THAT?  Also people will be using the scheme to get money fraudulent.

The scheme is for job seekers age 18 to 30 and will be match with suitable vacancies.

The start has been made in Spain where youth unemployment is over 50 per cent. It will be extended to Germany, Denmark and Italy and eventually across the EU. Their Target is to help 5,000 people gain jobs through the EU scheme.

The statistic shows that tens of thousands of migrant have forced out British worker out of work. Prime Minister David Cameron wants Brussels to re-write the rules that allow Europeans to take jobs in Britain. When Mr Cameron visited two factories in recent weeks he found out that 50 to 60 per cent were people from the EU countries.

Tim Aker who is part of the ‘Get Britain out of the EU’ campaign stated that unemployment caused by the EU should be solved by the EU and not sends to Britain to force British people out of a job.

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