Saturday, 24 November 2012


David Cameron was caught out once before when on a Commonwealth meeting he vanished a day before the meeting was finished. There again he could and should have sorted out several points with the rest of the heads of other commonwealth countries. It was remarked upon by other leaders that the Prime Minister should have remained but where did he go? He went to a vineyard and tasted their various products.

This time, at the EU’s summit meeting where it is was most vital to achieve the best agreement on the budget for the next seven years Mr Cameron vanished twice to eat in fancy restaurants. Surely the menu of the EU summit meeting was of the best there was available.

He promised the taxpayers that he would do his utmost and will negotiate hard but after a very few hours he vanished. He went to a top restaurant called Brasserie 1898 which has specialities of a variety of Belgian beers and chateaubriand steak costing £44.50.

Just before the summit super he was gone again for a fish dinner. The final lunch was baby venison and bottles of wine costing £120 each were served. Although the other menus were not reported but judging by this one it must be assumed the other lunch and dinners couldn’t be less extravagant. Only Mr Cameron can explain the reason for him having to vanish just before each lunch and dinner was served.

Again Mr Cameron wasted and lost time for important negotiations with other European leaders in the two days crunch budget summit meeting. This costs the taxpayers hundred of thousands of pounds in which nothing was achieved. Brussels has postponed it to another meeting in the New Years which adds more expenses. They definitely know how to live it up while the public in Britain gets pushed to the financial limit and soon beyond. 

It us doubtful that he became now Holy Joe because we do not hear any more of his escapades. Mr Cameron, most probably, has the thumb on the press not to report it.

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