Friday, 30 November 2012


Prime Minister David Cameron was defending the City of London and banks from a take-over by the EU. Mr Cameron would definitely protect the City of London and banks from being included into the European Central Bank system which will have its head office in Frankfurt.

The reason is that he is so adamant because they are his boys and contribute heavily to the economy. He does not lift a finger to stop the gas, electricity and petrol’s prices rising because these are affecting the ordinary people. Yet, the gas and electricity showed a profit of over £1.5billion last year and surely would have been more than enough to stay that way instead of increasing the tariffs by up to 10 per cent.
So far the coalition did not show any care whatsoever towards the public. Yet, his motto was “We are all in this together” which was soon forgotten when elected and they showed their real faces.

Furthermore, when everybody went up in arms about the banks and city’s sky high bonuses and people demanded from Prime Minister, times and times again, to stop it; he kept promising it but did nothing. Yet, when OCCUPY formed and started first to camp in city but then in front of St Paul’s Cathedral in no time at all David Cameron got a law through the court that they should be removed.

Both incidents show clearly how one-sided the government is which is totally wrong. It is forgotten or just brushed aside that it is the general public voted them in and it is the general public they should represent.


  1. It strikes me as rather odd that you are still pushing this post on twitter after your post of 2 Feb 2013 where you said:

    "A very typical case of how the EU has wasted £100million of British taxpayer’s money. It is not the first time and won’t be the last. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to keep the EU membership any longer."

    Perhaps you might be so kind as to clarify whether you think the United Kingdom should be run from Frankfurt or not.

    Regarding Occupy you should perhaps note that St Paul's Cathedral is in the City of London. It was the City of London Corporation, in fulfilment of its responsibilities as a Local Planning Authority and as a Highway Authority, that went to the High Court and obtained an order for the removal of tents and associated detritus. Neither HM Government nor the Prime Minister were involved in the legal proceedings.

  2. Thank you for your very interesting comment. I am meant that the United Kingdom should get out of the EU.

    To the second point I am aware that the government and the Prime minister were not directly involved in it but they tried before and weren't successful because St Paul's stood by them. Then all of a sudden it was done the other way round. After all it was a thorn in their sides and with the Olympics coming up would have been embarrassing.